Our Story

Jeevan Jal church, under the denomination of Assemblies of God (Gereja Sidang Jemaat Allah), Jakarta, was a vision from God that became a reality on the 5th of September, 2004. The inauguration ceremony held at the church premises, was attended by Pst. Yulianus Manuhutu & Pst. Musa Rumambi, representatives from the provincial department of religion, Jakarta. On that auspicious evening, Pst. Yulianus Manuhutu inaugurated Jeevan Jal under the leadership of Pst. Parkash Khubani, as he handed over the official legal letter of recognition from the government. This long awaited inauguration was nothing short of a miraculous breakthrough, the answer to the prayers of the pastors, leaders & the entire congregation who have been praying for the past 20 years.

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We pray that through your time with us, the giver of living water, Jesus Christ, will satisfy you with his overflowing, perpetual spiritual blessings and life giving power that will spring up in you to eternal life.